I’m writing a book: Things I wish they’d told me at school

29 Dec

School is completely alien environment to the real world. It’s so far removed.

At school the rules are simple. Listen in class, write good notes, revise, revise, revise and pass your exams. Then you’ll then be able to stroll into a job.

But that’s a lie.

GCSEs, A-Levels and degrees are only filters that companies use. It may help you get your foot into a job interview. But that’s it, for most people.

What’s much more important is this: “it’s who you know” not “what you know”. There’s making contacts. There’s writing a CV that will actually get you a job. There’s avoiding the minefield of unpaid internships and horrific companies. There’s difficulty in finding the right thing for you.

So I’ve decided to write a short book of all these things. Things I wish they’d taught me at school. I want to help any teenager make an informed decision about whether they should go to uni or look for alternatives. I want to help them find what’s right for them. I want to help them sail into jobs. Genuinely useful career advice.

You’ll get it for free and I expect it to launch it in March 2013!

Watch this space.


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